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Canon 28 Seconds

28 Seconds* for a D size print is only the beginning...

It's not just about faster printing, it's about the the time, money and frustration you can save with a reliable, easy-to-use Canon imagePROGRAF printer. It's about the presentations you can pitch, the plans you can produce and the proposals you can win. Who knew that so much value could be created in so little time?

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Accuracy Matters

Creating picture - and letter-perfect technical drawings is what Canon imagePROGRAF technology is all about. Whether you are a first-time buyer or replacing an older printer, it all adds up to more readable, accurate drawings…and less errors in the field.

Look at many technical documents — engineering diagrams, GIS maps, construction plans — and the output is a dizzying array of lines and letters, all of equal importance to the user. Ensuring that the lines are accurately positioned on the output and that all the lettering is readable, even when placed against colored backgrounds, is critically important.

Canon imagePROGRAF Printers have been engineered to address this challenge, incorporating an industry-leading array of technologies that produce crisp, accurate and precise output for complex technical documents. Here are a three reasons why Canon imagePROGRAF printers should be at the top of your list when evaluating large format printers for technical documents.
Canon Reactive Ink Technology: When Precision Is Paramount

Canon imagePROGRAF technical document series printers feature an ink technology developed specifically for detailed engineering applications (CAD/GIS) with fine lines, small text, detailed graphs and tables. This unique formulation improves the ink’s adhesion to the media and minimizes color “bleeding”. The secret is in the chemistry of the ink. When the black ink intersects with a colored area (for example words printed on a colored background) the black and cyan inks cause a chemical reaction that prevents the black from bleeding into the colors. As a result, you get clearer text, smoother curves and sharp fine lines, even on uncoated technical papers. In addition, Canon Reactive Inks also improve scratch and marker resistance so prints are more durable than when printed with conventional dye inks.

The Right Driver For CAD Drawings

Canon imagePROGRAF technical document printers include the HDI Driver that converts line drawing data directly from AutoCAD for accurate renderings and faster processing speed. Designed to ensure the best possible output from AutoCAD files, the HDI driver makes the imagePROGRAF printers the perfect output companion for your critical drawings and renderings.

FINE Technology For Fine Lines

Each imagePROGRAF ultra-high density precision print-head incorporates 15,360 ink nozzles that enable imagePROGRAF printers to eject ink faster and more accurately. Ultimately, FINE technology results in images with incredible resolution — up to 2400 x 1200 dpi — with finer detail and smoother gradations. Combined with Canon’s 4 picoliter ink droplet size, imagePROGRAF printers provide the high-definition expression necessary to produce CAD drawings and intricate schematics with fine lines as thin as just 0.02mm and accurate to +/- 0.1%.

The same technology that goes into the design of semi-conductors goes into Canon print head technology. The imagePROGRAF printer’s 1.07 inch print heads are manufactured with Canon’s proprietary FINE (Full-photolithography Ink-jet Nozzle Engineering) technology. This unique process enables Canon to manufacture high density print-heads ideal for precision printing with fine details, smooth gradations and reduced graininess.

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 * 28 seconds approximate printing time for a D/A1 size color line drawing. When printing in Draft Mode and on Plain Paper, including cutting time. Mechanical print time only - does not include processing and file transfer time.

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