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Photo Metals 2019

Thank you for attending our Photo Metals Class at WCAF in Las Vegas!

Here is the course description . . . and we have set up a link below so that you can download the Presentation Deck used.  You can also access the videos of end user testimonials here

DT937 Photo Metals: Cutting-Edge Technology

Paris Burgundy

Printing on photo metals is a beautiful, unique medium for displaying and preserving images. This new, advanced class about photo metals will show you why dye-sublimated printing has become a popular choice for high-end photographers and fine art printers worldwide. Learn how these products are printed, how to accurately adjust color, and why metal prints have an increased lifespan of two to four times longer than photo papers. The resulting images on these new metals, wood, fiberglass, acrylic, and hardboard sheet materials create an almost 3D effect in the three additional UV protective layers. Images up to 4' x 8' can be seamlessly produced. The durable surfaces will not chip, peel, or scratch, and the simple method of production is rapidly growing as a replacement option for both the complicated process of face-mounted images and stretched canvas prints. Discover how to introduce sublimated photo metal and related products to your framing customers. 


To download the Powerpoint Presentation given by Tim Check and Jay Davis at this class, click here.

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