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AccuRip Software for Printing Halftones on Epson Printers (See description for list of supported printers)

From its first version release AccuRIP Software has been the industry go-to MAC and WINDOWS RIP solution. And, users have enjoyed quick, easy and no cost updates for operating system upgrades. Other RIP solutions charge you for operating system updates.
System Requirements
There are no special system requirements for AccuRIP users. We expertly engineered it to be a driver-based solution. The software is under 30 megs and AccuRIP works from within your current graphics software such as Adobe, Corel and Quark products.
Graphic Software Requirements
Design files and output them using AccuRIP Software in conjunction with your favorite mainstream graphics applications. Whether it is Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, Quark XPress, Corel DRAW, Photo Paint, Painter, Canvas or any of the many graphics programs screen-printers use - your workflow is simple because you print from the same programs you design in.
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard (Intel)
Supported Printers (* Support for all black ink)
WorkForce 1100 *
WorkForce: 1110
Artisan 50 *
Artisan 1430 *
Stylus Photo R280
Stylus Photo R285
Stylus Photo R290
Stylus Photo 1390
Stylus Photo 1400 * 
Stylus Photo 1410
Stylus Photo 1500W
Stylus Photo R1800 *
Stylus Photo R1900 *
Stylus Photo R2000
Stylus Photo R2400
Stylus Photo R3000
Stylus Pro 3800
Stylus Pro 3880
Stylus Pro 4000
Stylus Pro 4450
Stylus Pro 4800 *
Stylus Pro 4880 *
Stylus Pro 4900 *
Stylus Pro 7000
Stylus Pro 7600
Stylus Pro 7700 *
Stylus Pro 7800
Stylus Pro 7880 *
Stylus Pro 7890 *
Stylus Pro 7900 *
Stylus Pro 9450
Stylus Pro 9600
Stylus Pro 9700 *
Stylus Pro 9800
Stylus Pro 9880 *
Stylus Pro 9890 *
Stylus Pro 9900 *
Stylus Pro 10600
Stylus Pro 11880
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