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ChromaBlast Cartridge for Epson R1900, Position 2 - Cyan

Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

ChromaBlast Quick Connect bulk ink system is the lastest  revolutionary new technology.

  • It is a custom developed solution for Sawgrass which utilizes a damper based system that is more like the tried and true large format solutions found in the market.
  • The chips were specifically designed to mimic OEM functionality and not bypass it.  This diminishes the possibility of chip issues by reducing points of failure.

Overall System Features:

  • Superior color management    
  • Fast print speeds
  • Custom color palette  
  • Larger output, including a roll paper option

Minimum Operating System Requirements:

A Pentium Dual Core, 3.0 GHz or higher processor is recommended. Must be 32-bit processor. 512MB RAM is the minimum recommended memory. 2 GB RAM is highly recommended to process larger documents with high quality settings. 5 GB of free hard drive space is required for proper software and file management.



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