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Colorbyte Phatte Black cartridge for Epson 4800, 220ml

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Phatte Black is an exciting new option that will allow users of the new Epson 4800, 7800 and 9800's to keep both the matte black, and photo black inks loaded at the same time, with no loss in quality! With the Phatte Black option, light-light black isn't used, but it won't be missed--print's made with Phatte Black show virtually no difference when compared with prints made with the standard configuration.

Using Phatte Black is totally optional. The standard configuration of K3 inks is still fully supported. In fact, users can switch back and forth at any time, using less ink than a standard matte black/photo black purge.

With a Phatte Black cartridge, you don't need to purge inks when switching between printing that requires the matte black ink and the photo black ink.

This saves money, as any purge results in the wastage of ink.

Purging also takes time--fifteen minutes or so. With Phatte Black mode, switching between  Matte black and Photo black printing is just a matter of loading the right paper.

To utilize this feature, a modified Matte Black cartridge is used in the “light-light” cartridge slot of your printer. Once loaded, you'll need to print a “purge” file that will clear the ink lines of remaining light-light ink.

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