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EFI Fiery XF Proofing Server v5.0



Fiery® XF Proofing Version 5, the flexible and scalable precision RIP and color management workflow for proofing, package prototyping and fine art printing, streamlines your print production with customizable automated workflows from job creation to proofing and verification.

Accurate color management by measurements, with advanced spot- and process-color optimization, enables you to easily achieve precise, predictable and repeatable contract proofs.

Automated workflows eliminate touch points and remove the need for manual job submission, saving operators time and reducing error rates. A fully customizable user interface allows you to tailor the application to each operator’s tasks and skill set.

Feature Highlights

Precise, Predictable and Repeatable Contract Proofs

  • Advanced spot- and process-color optimization, removes the need for time-consuming trial and error color profile correction or complicated device link profiles and gives you best possible color output each and every time.

Ahead of the Curve with the Latest Industry Standards

  • To minimize the differences between Xrite measurement devices and to ensure highest data exchange quality, all Xrite and EFI devices make use of the new XRGA standard. Implementation of M0, M1 (D50) and M2 (UV cut) measurement modes allows ISO 13655-compliant measurements for the best color match under the latest industry-standard viewing conditions.

    Fiery XF Proofing Version 5 includes the Color Verifier Option that allows you to certify proofs compliant to industry standards like ISO, G7 or FOGRA PSD as well as user-defined standards.

Improve Compatibility and Color Communication with the Color Supply Chain 

  • Over 70,000 registered EFI inkjet RIP licenses worldwide mean your Fiery XF system will be compatible with the largest user base in the industry, which makes color communication and exchanges of profiles, base linearization and parameters with the complete supply chain easier than ever. Plus, this large base of experienced users facilitates fast staffing and training. 

Adapt to Specific Job Color Requirements with the Dynamic Wedge

  • The Dynamic Wedge is a dynamically created control strip that shows a job’s key and spot colors for verifying and, if required, optimizing the job’s color accuracy. It is perfectly suited for color-critical print jobs where a static wedge (e.g., Ugra/Fogra media wedge or IDEAlliance control strip) does not reflect the key colors adequately or spot colors at all.

Technology that Makes the Difference

  • The Fiery XF print driver technology eliminates artifacts and ensures smooth and consistent quality on more than 450 supported printers — from desktop to superwide format. User-selectable print modes allow you to use different ink sets and screens, providing the best possible output behavior for fine-art photo prints, contract proofs, packaging prototyping to high-end half-tone simulation.

Offers Fully Automated and Remote Proofing Workflow for Quicker Turnaround

  • Fiery XF contains a remote-proof container functionality that allows you package all print-relevant job parameters and send them to any of the tens of thousands of installed sites to enable accurate remote proofing worldwide. You can even fully automate and monitor this process with Fiery Web Control Center.

Genuine Adobe-PDF Engine for Perfect Results

  • Highest level of file integrity, exact handling of transparencies, overprints and handling of all PDF codes created by Adobe® products is ensured due to the integration of the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine version 2.6 and passing industry’s toughest PDF tests speaks for itself.

Flexible and Future-proof Investment

  • An EFI software maintenance and support agreement, included for the first year with your purchase, provides an ongoing stream of software releases, including the latest device drivers, plus all minor and major product upgrades, at a consistent and cost-effective charge.

Modular Product Architecture Provides Maximum Flexibility

  • The modular software architecture of Fiery XF allows you to add options such as print drivers or advanced color features to grow according to changing business needs. 


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