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Express Digital Darkroom, Core Edition

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Express Digital Darkroom Core Edition

Pro Services Tab

The connection from Darkroom to professional photography services such as on-line selling and lab fulfillment has never been easier than with the addition of the Pro Services section in the software.  Photographers can effortlessly manage their Internet storefront with easy access to pricing, shipping, discounts, taxes, activity reports and more.  Managing the connection to professional labs has also been added to the Pro Services section.  With over 200 professional labs instantly connected to the Darkroom software, real time information on pending orders and fulfillment costs are easily and readily accessible.

Template Builder
* Multiple Graphic Elements and Matching Border Colors
Borders can be built with selectable graphic layers, allowing for quick and easy changes without having to apply a new template.  Also you can sync graphic elements within a single border to allow multiple objects
to change at once, customizing without the hassle. Change the color of border elements on the fly with the new eye dropper tool quickly customizing the template to match your subject.
* Pan and zoom tools
Pan and zoom tools have joined the Template Workshop to provide the detail needed to accomplish even the most difficult design.
* Design grids
Design grids have been added along with snap to grid functionality to make creating your own borders easier than ever before.
* Matching Text
Use the new eye dropper tool to match the color of your text with the background, clothing colors, team colors or any other color in the photo.
Product Highlights:
* Apply graphic templates; turning photos into products
* Create limitless print packages
* Edit and enhance photos with one-click ease
* Manage and archive images seamlessly
* Post and sell photos on-line with®
* Send orders electronically to professional labs with Labtricity®
* Open raw and proprietary digital camera files
* Import from any compatible Twain source
* Open any standard digital file format and much more...
* Automated proof sheet printing and custom layout capabilities
* Electronic on-screen proof presentation
* Built-in slideshow and much more...
* Catalog photos by event, subject or location
* Copy, rotate, preview and add notes to your photos
* Archive photos to CD or DVD and much more...
* Print packages directly to the industryfts best Windows® based ink jet and Dyesub printers
* Print on location, in studio or batch print
* Use Labtricity® to send orders electronically to a lab for printing and much more..
* Create new photo products using borders, text, and overlay graphics
* Built-in brightness, color, contrast and sharpness adjustments
* Advanced retouch workflow and much more...
Digital Cameras & Printers
* Use with any digital camera including Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Kodak and Fuji
* Print to any Windows® based small or large format ink jet printers from major brands such as Epson, HP, Lexmark and Dell
* Print to any Windows® based Dyesub printers from major brands such as Sony, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Olympus and Hi-Touch
System Requirements
* PC (or comparable laptop) with Pentium® 4 processor (1.0 GHz) or better
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro operating system
* 512 MB of RAM
* 40 GB hard drive (or more depending on storage requirements)
* SVGA monitor (24-bit color at 1024x768 resolution or better)
* CD-ROM and CD-RW drive
* Picture Card Reader (Compact Flash, MicroDrive or PCMCIA)
* Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity
* Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
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