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Designed for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors, RGB output devices in both RGB Easy and full test chart mode, CMYK output devices in CMYK Easy mode, Digital Projectors, Digital Cameras and Scanners. 
Allows you to measure both emissive and reflective materials, plus ambient light. 
Includes Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer (measurement device), ambient light measurement head, flat panel and CRT holders, positioning target, new Eye-One scanning ruler with backer board, Eye-One Reflective Scan Target, Eye-One Match 3.2 software for monitors, RGB, RGB Easy, CMYK Easy, Digital Projectors, Digital Cameras, Scanners and Profile Editor, Eye-One Share software for creating, evaluating and communicating color, Scanner Profiling Chart, Mini ColorChecker (a color reference tool does not work with Digital Camera module), Interactive Training Modules, digital Pantone library and the new soft carrying case.
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