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Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss 285gsm IFA 49, 17in x 15m roll

Smooth Acid Free Base Ultra White. FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss has been modelled on the traditional fibre-based material used in conventional photography, and is the latest addition to the family of FibaPrint papers. It boasts a surface as close to any traditional Fibre photo paper as I have seen quoted one photographer. Its ultra glossy, Ultra white and Ultra smooth surface give it a truly unique quality. Features: The special Micro porous gloss coating has been designed specifically for photographic reproduction and high quality fine art print applications. The acid inhibiting crystal layer technology makes it the perfect digital FibaPrint alternative. FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss has an extremely large colour gamut and D-max rating of 2.7. Applications include: It has been optimised for black & white and colour images, compatible with the new generation of Photo inks such as Epson K3, Hp and Canon, but also works equally well with dye based inks. Innova Art are innovators in the field of Photographic digital Fibre papers, which is why we have developed a range of FibaPrint papers from Matte to high gloss. We believe in listening to the needs of the photographers and artists using our papers. and as a result, the FibaPrint Ultra Smooth gloss represents not the death, but the 're-birth' of the darkroom.
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