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Keencut Excalibur 5000 63inH x 120inW

The unique Excalibur 5000 features two cutting heads offering four cutting tools mounted for instant selection. The integral counterbalance ensures an easy glide cutting action, prevents damage when loading sheet materials, minimizes operator fatigue and increases production. Second only to the new exceptional Keencut SteelTraK the Excalibur 5000 has more advanced features than any competitive vertical cutter. Continually upgraded since its introduction in 1996 Excalibur is ideal for applications where the high performance of the SteelTraK is not required. With a cutting capacity of 163 cm the Excalibur 5000 is equipped to cut Glass 6mm – PVC Foamboard 13mm – Fomecore 13mm- Cardboard – Acrylic (Plexi) 6mm– Xanita 13mm - DiBond 3mm – Polycarbonate – MDF 4mm - and much more without noise, dust or significant debris.
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