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Keencut SteelTraK Cutter 82in

The Essential Material Cutter with a 5 year guarantee. The most amazingly accurate, easy to use cutter for sign-making. Designed with the sign making and the graphics industry in mind - every tool cuts on the same line. No mistakes, no special operator knowledge, no color coded production stops - just superior signs that are easy to accurately produce. No extras to buy. All four tools are permanently attached to the cutting head. Just turn the wheel and each tool is ready to use in a second. • Utility Blade for ˝in thick foam centered materials • Scoring Blade for Acrylic • Glass Scoring Wheel • Twin Wheel Cutting Head for MDF Board, Masonite®, Dibond® & Alumalite® Features: • Full-length silicone grip and perpendicular pressure sensitive clamping keep materials steady and can be easily aligned. • Swing out hinged Slideway • The SteelTraK has a completely unique slideway which pivots away to make maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Ball Bearing sliding guidance system on steel tracks. Extra heavy-duty aerospace alloy running beam and squaring arm accessible from any position are essential for easily cutting heavy materials.
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