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Kodak Eversmart Supreme High Resolution Flatbed Scanner

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The EverSmart Supreme scanner is designed for todays scanning-intensive graphic businesses, where maximum speed and excellent image quality are essential.

Advanced scanning technology for maximum image detail
WithXY Stitch scanning technologythe scan headmovesalong the x and y axes, enabling accurate positioning directly below the center of each image, regardless of where the original is placed on the scanning area. The technology assures uniform sharpness and high optical resolution of up to 5,600 dpi everywhere on the scanner.Superior image quality is maintained even with large originals. For example, an 8-by-10-inch image can be scanned in several strips at a record-breaking scanning resolution of14,000 dpi, capturing maximum information. Stitching is performed on the fly to further increase productivity.

CCD dynamic cooling system
Dynamic cooling optimizes CCD sensitivity, enablingthe scanner to better differentiate a wide range of color tones. While continually monitoring ambient temperature and humidity levels, the dynamic cooling system activelycoolsthe CCD, maintaining anoptimum temperature. This results in top-quality images with maximum detail.

Regardless of original image size, the EverSmart Supremell scanner produces images withconsistently high resolutionand uniform sharpness. Since other scanners cannot perform stitching, they use zooming, causing resolution to drop drastically when image size is increased. Together, thermo-electric coolers, cooling plates, fans, and a cooling control board actively reduce the CCDfts temperatureto maximize its sensitivity.

The quality of an image can be optimized with maximum dynamic range (MaxDR). This technique distills high-quality image data from additional scanned data to improve the dynamic range in dark to mid-tone areas. Working together, CCD dynamic cooling and MaxDR produce a maximum density value of 4.3 for superb shadow detail.

Parallel workflow for high productivity
Parallel workflow enables you to interactively set parameters for a previewed image in the foreground, while the scanner captures and processes other images in the background. Parallel workflow enables over 120 scans an hour. Moreover, XY Stitch scanning technology provides full-board productivity, enabling you to scan up to 96 35-mm images at up to 5,600 dpi, all in one job.

Full scanning media and workflow flexibility
All input originals can be scanned, including transparent and reflective, positive and negative, color or black and white, printed material, line art, framed slides, and screened films. In addition, the scanner offers complete flexibility in image size, thickness, material, and format. The EverSmart Supremell scanner supports all standard scanning workflows: CMYK for printing, and RGB for second-generation images, archiving, and online screen applications. ICC is fully supported for working in color-management environments.

16-bit workflow for enhanced image quality

The oXYgen Scan software features the scan once, output many (SOOM) workflow. Image information is captured as a pure 16-bit digital transparency (DT) file. The DT file is archived and can be opened offline and re-purposed for any use.

Professional image editing and proofing tools
The scanning application provides an intuitive, workflow-oriented interface for facilitating image control. It includes a host of scanning controls, such as end points, global and selective color correction, as well as sharpness, gradation, LS curves, and gray controls, offering several levels of operation to help you achieve the results you want. These tools are available in all scanning modes, including negative. The powerful SmartSet function automatically analyzes the image, resulting in optimal scanned quality. It performs tone reproduction, gradation, sharpness, and color transformation on the fly. Moreover, several soft proofing features improve output predictability. These include a split screen feature, which allows side-by-side, before-and-after viewing of an image. ICC soft proofing is also available to preview the output result of the scan with different output profiles.

Optional oXYgen DOT Solution
TheoXYgen DOT Solutionis composed of two applications: oXYgen DOT and the oXYgen DOT Toolkit. oXYgen DOT is a scanning application that digitizes screened films to deliver superb copydot and descreened quality. The Toolkit provides advanced functions for customizing the image for any purpose or output devicesuch as automatic registration, bitmap editing, resampling, tone calibration, or digital descreening. Together, they provide a complete copydot scanning solution, enabling a SOOM workflow for re-purposing halftone film for any output device, as many times as needed.

Oil Mounting Station for enhanced image quality
The first offline mounting station designed for flatbed scanners, theOil Mounting Stationpreserves image quality and enhances productivity. Oil mounting is used when images are to be enlarged by more than 800 percent, or if the original is scratched. Bathing a scratched film in a layer of scanning oil conceals scratches so that post-scan retouching is minimized, saving both time and operation costs. Oil mounting also enhances overall image quality by reducing grain.

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