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SAI Flexi Premium for HP L360 Latex Printer


Enjoy the industry’s most seamless print-and-cut workflow with stunning accuracy and an easy-to-use interface. Eortlessly design multiple contour cut lines in any vector or bitmap design and create accurate print-and-cut jobs in the fewest steps and from a single application. SAi Flexi supports over 1,000 cutters with automatic and/or manual crop mark detection. Also nest print-and-cut jobs together to save media or tile oversized jobs into smaller panels that your devices can handle.

HP Integrated media library tool

Take full advantage of the new HP Latex printer capabilities thanks to Flexi’s close integration with HP’s online Media Library. 
View and download the latest media and print modes directly to your printer, which
auto-synchronize with Flexi to get you up and 
running quickly.

Manual & automated job nesting

Flexi’s automated Job Nesting optimizes your device and media usage by grouping multiple print jobs into one job before printing. Take total control using Flexi’s manual layout tool to 
quickly nest multiple print jobs or multiple pages, copies, tiles or separations of the same job.

Faster, Easier Weeding

Nothing is more frustrating than weeding print-and-cut jobs that have imperfect contour cut paths and cause tearing or the need to hand cut during weeding. FlexiPRINT eliminates these problems, with automatic cut path lines that make weeding faster, and overcut lines than assure all cuts are complete.

Custom Spot Color Matching

Quickly and accurately map spot colors in the design file to exact output values to have your printer match the desired output color for each new job. Using Custom Spot Color Matching tyou can easily build your own custom library of spot colours ensuring you always print spot colors exactly as they should be printed.

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