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SubliJet IQ XG8 ink for Epson 4800, 110ml, Yellow


 Engineered for production environments, the SubliiJet IQ XG8 System for the Epson® 4800 offers a professional solution for sublimation printing with unparalleled results. Featuring a unique 8-color ink configuration, the system produces custom images with sharp details, rich colors, and amazing detail. The SubliJet XG8 System adds new ink colors to the regular CMYK mix, improving gamut and image quality. Light cyan and light magenta provide smoother gradient transitions and subtler skin-tones and capture finer details, while red and blue produce 30% more colors allowing customers to achieve accurate spot-color matching.

As flexible as it is productive, the SubliJet IQ XG8 System for the Epson 4800 combines speed, efficiency, and consistency for seamless productivity. Take your sublimation business to the next level and achieve exceptional results with this professional system.

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