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Wasatch Contour Cutting Option


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Wasatch's Contour Cutting Option includes the Wasatch Tracer which provides a streamlined option for creating contour cut paths directly within SoftRIP. The Tracer is quick and interactive, and equally effective for both raster and vector graphics.

The Contour Cutting Option also provides an updated workflow for contour cutting. With powerful tools and fewer steps needed to prepare cut jobs, it is the premier solution for your print-and-cut needs. Whether you use SoftRIP to create your contour cut paths or you use cut paths generated in a third party graphics application, the new cutting workflow streamlines the process to save you time and hassle.

Simple Contour Cutting

Wasatch processes complex shapes of any kind, maintaining the integrity of those shapes when images are nested or duplicated in SoftRIP. With print-and-cut workflows, SoftRIP's ability to track register marks between different printing and cutting devices assures a smoother workflow and more accurate registration.
Streamlined Production Finishing

Streamlined Production Finishing

Wasatch Contour Cutting supports Fotoba cutting devices for trimming entire print jobs automatically. Maximize efficiency by using SoftRIP Smart Nesting™ with Fotoba cutter marks between images.
Cut Device Compatibility

Cut Device Compatibility

The Contour Cutting Option is compatible with cutters and print/cut plotters from leading manufacturers, and the generic cutter driver works with virtually every HPGL-compatible cutting device. Whether you're using a print-and-cut plotter or printing your images on one device and cutting the shapes on another, you will succeed with SoftRIP.

Key Features

  • Creates contour cut paths in SoftRIP with the Wasatch Tracer
  • Supports popular cutting devices
  • Produces Fotoba cutter marks for automated trimming of images
  • Imports cutting paths from most popular graphic applications
  • Processes complex shapes such as letters and graphics
  • Excels in scenarios that require printing an image on one device and cutting on another
  • Excellent for rectangular cuts and bulk trim jobs
  • Automatically generates weeder boxes around cut images
  • New generic cutter feature allows advanced users to control virtually every HPGL-compatible plotter, including larger models from companies such as Zund or Wild

Vector and Adobe® Illustrator®
The powerful vector features in Adobe® Illustrator® allow you to quickly make cut paths from existing designs. You can also create offset cut paths, which are useful when you need to add a border or bleed to your image.
Raster and Adobe® Illustrator®
Take a raster image and quickly turn it into a cut path using the Live Trace feature inside Adobe® Illustrator®. You don't need to be an expert to use this powerful tool.
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Vector and CorelDRAW®
Creating cut paths from vector images inside CorelDRAW® couldn't be easier. With user-friendly tools and easy workflow, you'll be up and cutting in no time.
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Raster and CorelDRAW®
Turn your raster image into a cut path quickly and easily with the advanced bitmap tracing system inside CorelDRAW®. This easy-to-use tool converts your bitmap artwork into an editable and scalable vector image.
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